This week will be Sharing Week so I hope everyone has signed up to do some fantastic things with our children.  We are going to put the group time planning on our website from now on so have a look below and see if you would like to read the same stories, sing the same songs and talk about the things we are doing.

Activity 1

Big book – Peace at Last

Read story, encouraging children to recall it when finished. Talk about the noises that we can hear in our house or outside


Activity 2

Discussing feelings using the puppet

Puppets to act out a situation which depicts them fighting over a dressing up costume. Encourage the children to talk about what the puppet might be feeling and how we want him to feel. How can we change things so that our puppet feels happier? Children may want to talk about rules and boundaries to support the discussion and to use in the future


Activity 3

Singing familiar songs

Using the book “Round and Round the garden”


Activity 4

Maths – supporting one to one number correspondence

Play the game “Pegs on the Plate” with the group, observing counting and one to one correspondence


Activity 5

Singing familiar Nursery Rhymes

Sing with the children, choosing favourites as well as unfamiliar rhymes. Perhaps ask the children to make a list of their five favourite nursery rhymes?

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